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I am an undergraduate student at BITS Pilani, Goa Campus where I’m pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Masters of Science in Chemistry. I am currently working with Prof. Ashwin Srinivasan , Prof. Raviprasad Aduri and Prof. Tanmay Verlekar at APPCAIR on Generation and Synthesizability of Novel Molecules.

I am also a member of SAiDL, Society for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning at BITS Goa; we try to inculcate a spirit of AI and DL in the university through open source projects and personalised courses. My research interests revolve around Graph Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Drug Discovery, Computational Bio-Chemistry and Large Language Models


Jan 20, 2024 I will be a TA for the course “BITS F464 - Machine Learning” under Prof. Aditya Challa and Prof. Ashwin Srinivasan this semester. (You can check out our labs here)
Jan 1, 2024 I have joined Kreiman Lab at Harvard Medical School as a Research Intern. I will be working with Prof. Gabriel Kreiman on Computational Neuroscience, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing.
Dec 10, 2023 My paper “Predicting ATP binding sites in protein sequences using Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing” got accepted at AI2SE workshop at AAAI 24
Aug 24, 2023 I will be joining Sprinklr as a Summer Intern in 2024. I will be working with the Machine Learning team. I am really excited to work with them!
Aug 15, 2023 Started working at APPCAIR as a student researcher!
Aug 15, 2023 I will be an instructor for the CTE course “Intro to ML/DL” with Karan and Tejas, this semester.
Jul 1, 2023 Only one from our batch to get inducted into SAiDL!
Jun 1, 2023 I have joined Deep Forest Sciences as an Intern. I will be working on Deepchem.
Jun 1, 2022 I have joined as a Data Science Intern.
Jun 1, 2022 I have joined CEERI Chennai as an Intern. I will be working on rPPG on resource constrained devices.

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  1. Speech to Equation Conversion using a PoE Tagger
    Peeta Basa Pati, and V Shreyas
    In 2022 IEEE 7th International conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT), 2022